Mission and vision

The International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education (IACASE) is a professional association with international orientation and scope. IACASE promotes and supports the global development of creative arts-based somatic education in both developed and developing countries and regions, creates and safeguards the standards for the field by ensuring the quality of the professional training and practice of the educators and practitioners. IACASE believes the aesthetic and creative use of the arts, together with body-mind integration in a holistic and humanistic approach is essential to support the personal growth and well-being of individuals. IACASE encourages equality and humanity in the dialogues and exchanges across cultures worldwide.

What is CASE

Creative Arts Somatic Education (CASE) is a cross disciplinary field which integrates body-mind and utilizes various forms of creative/artistic expression in the human development. CASE is a special branch of somatics and creative arts. It overlaps with some other somatic practices but distinguishes itself by involving the creative process and artistic expression. It is based on the solid knowledge of human development – physical, emotional, social and cognitive; informed by relevant science(s) and other related disciplines.

What we do

Officially registered in Delft, Netherlands, IACASE is the authority in the creative arts somatic education field and creates professional standards and guidelines. IACASE has executive board and several committees to manage and plan its activities. IACASE evaluates and approves the training programs worldwide to ensure they meet the standards of IACASE. IACASE grants different levels of credentials in the name of Certified or Registered Creative Arts Somatic Educator, and keeps records of the registrations.

IACASE encourages both arts-based and evidence-based research for the advancement of our field. IACASE publishes its own international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal (English) Creative Arts in Education and Therapy – Eastern and Western Perspectives (CAET), the premier resource for research and studies in this field. The journal is indexed and collected by major research databases, public libraries, and universities in the world. There are over 50 leading experts on the editorial board of CAET.

IACASE - A Truly Global Community

Advocate equal dialogues between East – West, South – North

Advance humanity with creativity, art and science

Foster social responsibility and harmony with nature

Founding Members

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