The International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education (IACASE) is a professional association with international orientation and scope. IACASE promotes and supports the global development of creative arts-based somatic education in different countries and regions, creates and safeguards the standards for the field by ensuring the quality of the professional training and practice of the educators and practitioners. IACASE believes the aesthetic and creative use of the arts, together with body-mind integration in a holistic…

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Creative Arts Somatic Education (CASE) is a cross disciplinary field which integrates body-mind and utilizes various forms of creative/artistic expression in the human development. CASE is a special branch of somatics and creative arts. It overlaps with some other somatic practices but distinguishes itself by involving the creative process and artistic expression. It is based on the solid knowledge of human development – physical, emotional, social and cognitive; informed by relevant science(s) and other related disciplines…


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JOURNEY TO THE EAST: Emerging Cross-Cultural Consciousness – American Dance/Movement Therapists Teaching in China

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